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:icongranassassin: here... not gonna pass it on,

Rule#1: Post the rules to help understand.

Rule#2: Post 8 facts about your character that you've never mentioned. However you already mentioned them you can still use them. It's your choice.

Character: Yinsen Carnation

1- He's an ex high school fighter pro... dreamed of fighting pyrrha nikos... a schoolboy crush... eager to please... and he angers at those who lose to her... mainly when they are opponents he has lost to... one of many memories he had to let go

2. im firing blind on how his power works... im comparing his "crystal contstructs" to lanterns, but the one's i'm referencing dont follow the same rules he does

3.he's authorized for a small percent of atlasian tech... little brother was a tinker... who was later offered to help make atlas weapons... it's where his grenades come from

4.he was originally RWBY wish fufillment- not gonna lie, wasnt proud of it, but i couldn't hold it in... tried to make him different from the others... humanized, slightly less op in combat

5. I thought of Yinsen since y names were easier to squeeze into the team name acronyms

6.he's sorta bipolar... nrmally he's cold and somewhat mean, but just show him the right thing and he'll enjoy it and show interest with a passion... he'll laugh in a way e never does when with others

7. he's a bit blood thirsty... he enjoyed fights with rules but once he gt a taste of a real fight... nothing satisfied him anymore

8. he's a whistler... cause why the hell not, he can neer hit the high notes though


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thank my cravings... btw i found a sweet fic where they meet the FILM!avengers...…

give it a look... its not mine, but it's a nice peace of work that deserves to have it's name out there
SubduedMoon Featured By Owner 19 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks, but I'm not really a fanfic person.

Like I'll write it myself now and again, but I've always struggled with reading so I don't often do it in my free time ^_^;
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K good to know
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Your Deviations "ROCKS"
I adored this one: ....The King
he stood Panting. Even that one special girl.
he stares his opponent dead in the eyes.
{ dam str8t he does.}  You are so good.

If you decide to give me back
a Llama, you will make my day.--Thanks justin

Good luck to you in the future,

Have a Blessed day.

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